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Si4Crop Project

The primary objective of the Project is to develop a multiple-aproach strategy to increase use efficiency of silicone (Si) in major field cereal crops in Serbia and also worldwide (maize and wheat) in order to increase crop resilience to abiotic and biotic stress and improve grain quality (e.g. biofortification with Si for human health).

The funding for Si4Crop project (#7739571) is provided trough Program IDEAS, the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.



Si mobilization in the rhizosphere and managment to optimize Si uptake

  • Devise novel soil management tehniques suitable to increase both, Si availability in the rhizosphere and use efficacy of Si fertilizer for root uptake.
  • Investigate Si release from wheat and maize residues during decomposition in soil and optimize methods of extracting bioavailable Si from biomass to be used as potential Si biofertilizers.

Si utilization in the thissues and biofortification of Si

  • Resolve the controversy on the efficacy of foliar application of Si and characterization of bioavailable Si forms in different tissues and plant compartments.
  • Testing the potential to improve Si use efficiency at the plant level by enhancing (re)utilization of Si different plant tissues towards cereal panicles.
  • Exploiting beneficial effect of different soil managment techniques and fertilization technologies on contents and bioavailability of Si and other mineral elements (e.g. Fe, Zn, Se) beneficial for human health in cereal grains.

In-field demonstration of the key results

  • Verification of laboratory results under true field conditions.
  • Establishment of demonstration plots with the Si fertilization technologies found to be the most effective to increase farmers awareness.

Dissemination and exploitation

  • Increase farmers awareness on importance of Si application in crops, especially in organic farming system, and broaden the public interest on health benefits of Si for humans and domestic animals.


Project Members

Ljiljana Kostic Kravljanac

PhD in Environmental management

Research Associate Professor

Jelena Pavlovic

PhD in Biological Sciences

Research Associate

Predrag Bosnic

PhD in Biological Sciences

Research Associate

Igor Kostic

PhD in Agricultural science

Research Associate Professor

Vladimir Jovanovic

PhD in Physical sciences

Research Associate Professor

Tijana Dubljanin

М.Sc. in Agriculture

Research Assistant

Maja Trailovic

M.Sc. in Biology, Envinronmental Protection

Research Trainee


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